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Becoming Financially or Federally Secure!

At sometime in my ramblings, whether it was here or in a note on Face Book, I mentioned one habits of the extremely wealthy. And that is, if they see a penny lying on the ground, they never pass it by as worthless change. That they see the value in it and knows that 100 of these things make a dollar, and invested correctly and wisely a person can get a penny to make money for them. Just ignoring it as 1/100 of a dollar does not occur to them. However to many of us 1/100 of a dollar is just TOO small an amount of money to waste the time on stopping, bending over and picking it up. We have more important Stuff to do and must hurry to wherever it is we are going , in order to make, spend or save 100/100 of a dollar.

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What is 8 Inches Deep and 20 Years Long?

Most industries that produce, well for the moment we’ll call it, STUFF have written in their specification of an item called a “life time expectancy”.  A product’s life time is considered from time of manufacturing to the time in which its designed functionality has expired. And this is based on a whole lot of other stuff used in the products construction, and that stuff’s life expectancy, combined with a variable of guesstimation  based on the particular industries confidence, or lack thereof, of their product. And in some cases, the  projected income they can gain from the product before they make enough profit, that should their product fail prior to its expected life time, they can cut their losses and run for the hills.

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Jackal’s of Love!

It’s Time for an Honesty Check!

Have you ever had a favorite song that the lyrics got stuck in your head. You sang along every time you heard it play on the radio.  And then one day you embarrassingly discovered that lyrics you were singing were not even close to the actual lyrics.

For me, in a lot of cases, it took about 30 years before I discovered  just how out to lunch I was on some lyrics.  And how I found out was via a  “LOOK” my wife gave me when I was singing along. And until that moment I didn’t even consider  what I was singing made absolutely NO SENSE!

So I’ll be the first to share my musical – WTF?

Remember this Song?

Gonna get married

These are the Real lyrics of the song:

Goin’ to the chapel and we’re Gonna get married
Goin’ to the chapel and we’re Gonna get married
Gee, I really love you and we’re
Goin’ to the chapel of love

These are the lyrics that provided me with thoughtless joy for years:

Goin’ to the Jack a Lantern  Gonna get married
Goin’ to the Jack a Lantern  Gonna get married
Gee, I really love you and we’re
Goin’ to the Jackal of Love

No you can just image what my wife’s Look Looked Like!
And to this day I still make sure I sing those lyrics just to pay her back for that LOOK!

But before you judge me, go ahead a play the You Tube Song Clip and Try my lyrics. They make no sense, but they work for me!

American’s Have Been Quoted as Having Spoken

Can we believe what we hear and read in the media these days. In fact, this writing, in its own way is a new form of media.  However, when it comes to our technological advancements over the past 3 decades which tends to look like the beginning of an  up ramp of an exponential curve, by the time I finish writing this, Blogs could be outdated. So I must hurry, lest I not be heard, read, and honored for my brilliant insight and abilities  — or at a minimum be recognized for my ability to baffle one with my Bull Shit.

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And Away I Go!

This is my first blog post.

No real content other than to see what happens to this attempt to post to it