Monthly Archives: March 2011

Psychics – Your Past, Present or the Futures Market

I just read an article in the March 25, 2011 Hawaii Reporter that Psychic Sylvia Brown Suffered a heart attack after one of her public appearances in Hawaii and was hospitalized. The article, after giving the details, stated that updates on her condition were available via her websites.

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IDEAS! Do They Create Money or Moans?

Have you ever experienced a sudden brain eruption, a light bulb above the head illumination, an all enlightening, all empowering,  a random unexpected zap of thought that just overpowers you? That overpowering explosion is the moment in which you have given birth to an IDEA!

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I Could Be Wrong!

Am I right? Or are you right?  Is what I think, do, say, believe, portray, exhibit, profess, explain, preach, feel, hear, smell, taste, touch, imagine, confer, write, imply, share, transmit, submit,  and all the other things I do that cause others to form opinions as to my validity as a human …. the right, correct, absolute true representation of what is really real?

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Random Thoughts of an Idle Mind


Can cows be Heard?

What happens when a pig gets a sty in its eye?

If a football is called a pigskin what is a pig’s skin called?

Does anyone really want a home where the buffalo roam?

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Money, Percentages, Perceptions and Trees

For what it’s worth , what is your idea of a lot of money?

Casino’s try to reduce the sense of loss or gain by using chips and terms like credit.

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