What The ….?

Now that I have a few minutes to spare after our move to FLorida, I thought I’d share with my (as of this date) 477 potential readers of MY STUFF, my take on the “nature of our existence” sometimes called survival of the fittest or the ecological life cycle or the early bird gets the worm. Some simply think of it as the natural food chain. While others abstractly and honestly profess that “Shit Just Rolls Down Hill!”

Big fish eats smaller fish who survived by eating smaller fish who survived by eating smaller fish who survived by eating bugs and algae, and algae survived by living off the stuff in water and sucking the oxygen out of the water, that if let continue would cause the fish to die due to lack of oxygen and thus the cycle would be fucked up because the water would be polluted and then man would have noting to drink and no fish to eat and the eagles would die from starvation and then we would have global warming and the polar ice caps would melt and the polar bears would have nowhere to live and Al Gore would have nothing to preach about and the government would pass legislation that would give more of our taxes to help the starving in African which would cause Brad Pit and wife to have no purpose in life and then we all die only to be reincarnated as unicorns which we know, lordy oh for lorn, we don’t want to forget and Sara Pallen would be the President of the world or something even worse.

However, in all seriousness there is a balance in nature that, when disrupted, causes some things to get out of whack. Bats for instance are the greatest consumer of mosquitoes. No Bats … gonna have a bad mosquitoes problem. On the other hand, no misquotes – gonna have bats going batting looking for something else to eat.

Coyotes and Wolves tend to keep down the rodent population. Without them we would have tons more rabbits. And you know how rabbits populate. We would end up stepping on easter eggs 365 days a year and God knows we don’t want scientist determining different cholesterol levels of eggs based on what color they are and where they are found.

It is said that God created the Heavens and the Earth and all living things and on the seventh day he rested. I wonder sometimes if ,perhaps, on Saturday night he should have went to bed early instead of staying up until Sunday, because there are many creätures that might indicate the he may have suffered from some sort of effects from fatigue as the seventh day approached.

It sometime appears that somewhere in his workshop he had some spare parts left and some of his paper work installation instructions got mixed up by some yet to be installed prevailing winds, which could explain why we have some creatures on this earth that just make me say …. WTF?

Just imagine, late Saturday night, god is tired and has to “get ‘r done” because he promised his god, which would be himself, that he was going to “get ‘r done” in 7 days. So being over tired and over worked he grabs the furry body of an Otter, but colors it brown, reach in the next box and grabs a duck-bill, and in another grabs the tail of a beaver and looks at the wrong instructions for a mammal designs creates a mammal that lays eggs instead of the normal mammal live birth thing. And upon realizing this names it the Duck Billed Platapuzzzzzzzzzzz (or however he spelled it then) and as his zzzz’s continues this creäture got loose ended up in Australia which I believe is the country he created on Casual Friday!

Then there are the 17 year cicada. They live for a week or two. Seems its purpose in life is to attract a mate, have a sexual encounter with a lovely red eyed female cicada, slits open the branch of tree and lay their eggs in it and then die. The eggs hatch, feed a bit, fall to the ground and remain in the ground for 17 years in some state of suspended animation, wake up crawl up a tree, transform into a cicada and for a week or two spend time attracting a mate, has sex and poof here we go again. It’s like god started out with the cicada plan, and fell asleep somewhere between the what came first the cicada or the egg and while dozing off in a lucid state he thought 17 years would be good for a creäture of no purpose to come out and bug the crap our of another creature he had in his grand scheme that he hadn’t created yet (us) and before he could come to his senses he dropped the whole project on the floor only to wake up a few minutes later and say “OOPS” followed By “Oh Well! Don’t remember what I had it mind, but what is done is done!”

In a feeble attempt to correct the error (note: god doesn’t make errors, so in order to continue on) he fumbled around with making it better, but yet again he was still suffering with fatigue due to lack of sleep.

This time he reached in to a box and accidentally squished together some insect parts which resulted as something that looked like a cross between an ant and a lightning bug and drowsily created the LOVE-BUG. An insect that comes out every 4 years in swarms and has sex in mid-air, specifically in the open area of Freeways, Interstates and anywhere else cars drive. Those not splattered on windshields go on to lay their eggs wherever and is not seen again for 4 more years. Again blessing it as “What is Done is Done” And because God does not make mistakes, according to himself, he then created the CAR WASH!

If you are alive and live in this world you will more than once come across something that holds you in awe. Something so out of the ordinary, so DIFFERENT than what you are accustomed, that you can’t help but wonder “What the Hell was HE thinking.”

But then again if you your were to think for a moment, what you see different in these various forms of life may be seem extremely strange to you are the norm for others. And in reality this is the way it is!

It’s life as we know it compared to life as others know it based on the environmental, social and geographical area of the world in which one lives. And the only thing that makes things odd to someone is something that is unknown, strange, and initially unexplainable to the observer.

When we discover some of these strange things we are sometimes shocked and perhaps appalled. For instance we wonder not only who, but just how did someone discover and produced what is considered to be the most expensive, richest, flavored coffee in the world that is harvested from the coffee beans that are obtained from the feces of an animal that had previously eaten it and passed it through its digestive system.

Apparently someone was suffering from caffeine withdrawal and in their insane attempt to feed their addiction became so desperate actually began checking out animal poop so they could have their cup of java. Talk about Good to the Last Drop!

Our immediate reaction to these types of unknowns comes in various forms, all of which are a result of a fear of the unknown. To React to protect ourselves from something that we do not understand. We categorize it, label it and file in the WTF? memory banks of our Gray matter. And We react to protect ourselves from its potential harm. That, my friends is natural to the primitive part of our brain.

But, as a creäture of higher intelligence, we have the ability to stop in the midst of that fear, step back and question what we see and experience. We can stand back and ask the questions and attempt to find the answer that would either justify our fear and actions as correct or would help us to discover that our fear may be irrational. Our actions to respond, vice react, by engaging the higher intelligent part the thing on top of our shoulders, just might result in finding that what we fear is harmless and the answers to our inquiry may end up being helpful in enhancing instead of destroying life on this planet.

But unlike the creatures we fear, who are born, hatched or however they got here, who go about doing what they were created to do and pass on from generation to generation, we, the creatures that were given the ability to think , explore, investigate, ask the questions and to find the answers; instead irrationally justify our fear, avoid confrontation and run for the fucking hills without a moments thought that perhaps the dreaded unknown threat may do us no harm.

And this no brainer reaction results in what is now called prejudice – AKA PRE JUDGED. And prejudice results in acts of discrimination, segregation, hate, and, to the most extreme actions of attempts to exterminate what our ego excentracated irrational insecure fraidy cat macho humanistic podium pounding mismanaged power monging souls can do in order not to be afraid and feel out of control.

We take on a mental attitude of … if they ain’t like us they must be a threat!

We wimp out and we builds walls.

However this ability to decide to or to decide not to pre-judge is in reality God’s gift to Us … FREE WILL. And I have no reason to believe that God was in a state of mental exhaustion when he created man.

When God created the heavens and the earth and all that it is in it, He chose to give one created species the ability think and to know and to be in charge of its own destiny.

And on the Seven Day he rested. As if the all-knowing creator of the world, knew he was going to be up bright and early on the eighth day and it would a very very very long time before he was going to be able to take another nap!

As far as the Cycle of Life thing, it continues to goe round and round .

A cycle.

Same old actions – Different Day!

Over and Over and Over again.

Get the Picture?

If Not go back to the top and read again and repeat, and ask questions, unless of course you’ve pre-judged what I have written and never made it to this paragraph and ran for the hills. Then I have proved my point.

And when it comes to a God who has been up since the morning of the 8th day, what you gonna say to Him when he looks you in the eye and says ….”I have been awake since I created you.. and I ask you, my creation. “What in Hell were You Thinking?”

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