Read something on a blog yesterday. Something that I have read numerous times on blogs, emails and other webpages along with hearing it on Television and Radio. It’ a statement that I consider as ignorant as it gets. It goes like this – “Anyone that lives in the United States should ‘have” to speak English” – and is then followed by -“English should be made to be the official language of the USA“. I could write page upon page why this is a illogical statement made by ignorant people. First let me qualify something.. Many people who speak English, in these here United States, doesn’t even know the English Language. A VERY LARGE NUMBER of English Speaking people think Ignorant means the same as Stupid. There is a difference. Check it out.

Next, most of the words in the English language have word origins from other languages, cultures, societies and other time periods which makes me ask a question. How many words in the English Language are actually original English words. How many citizens of the USA have USA ONLY ancestry compared to the number of citizens of the USA whose ancestry can be traced to other countries where other languages were and are spoken.

Moving on … what is the ratio of bilingual citizens in the USA that speak English and another language compared to the ration of citizens of other countries who speak their native language AND ENGLISH. I will take a educated guess that more people who live in other countries are bi-lingual with English as their second language than there are bilingual citizens in the USA.

And if English were to be declared the Official Language of the USA … which dialect? NEW ENGLAND Dialect, Heavy NEW YORK Dialect, THE SOUTH (Y’all) dialect, Texas, Louisiana, Midwest, or more. There is a problem, sometimes, trying to determine the difference in what “would you like to come with me” versus “do you wanna go with”‘ or “turn off the light” versus “cut off the light” all the way to “Hi” versus “YO YO YO”!

If you want a language that is the Closest to a Language Native to the USA, perhaps we should make it a language of the Native Americans …. Like Sioux, Pawnee, Apache, Cherokee…or one or more of the others.

Bottom line .. English as the Official Language in the USA will probably never happen. .In the United States, people are just to lazy to learn another language and law makers are to lazy to make law.

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