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Well here I sit, 1:31  A.M. Sunday January 29, 2012. And as some of my postings on this blog start, I feel the need to write, yet have no idea what the subject will be, or where this is going to go. So I will consider this a random mind dump. So what you will read here is … well let’s say Steve’s rambling created by letting my fingers do the walking as my mind does the talking.  So here we go.

Lots of stuff in the news these days. Republican Debates, or as I call them material for Saturday Night Live, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, and any other comedic show or comedians. There will be many comedians out of jobs after the Presidential elections in November, of which the first to go will be those who are running as Republicans as presidential candidates. Mite Robme, Newt Cringerich, the Sanotorium Guy and Ron Fall.

And standby for the mud-slinging political ads on the TV that generally make as much sense and are as honest, truthful and full of actual facts as the Great Professor Irwin Corey .

Let me ask you a question. Well it’s my blog so I am going to ask you whether you let me or not. How many Elected Officials have you seen, who spend millions on running for office, going to small restaurants and shaking hands with people, who visit factories of hard-working citizens, who stand in front of an about to be foreclosed upon home and give speeches, who  walk the streets and shake hands every of person they meet , who visit senior citizen homes, who go and meet and greet just about every common normal everyday American Citizen, ever repeat this ritual after elected?

It’s like a car salesman…”What can I do to get you to vote for me today?” Once the sale is complete, or in this case, once elected and they get their commission, they don’t remember who you are and their service center takes over because the guy with the promises and sales pitch  is too busy to deal with you because he/she is, as it was in the beginning, continuing to meet his/her goal of self-preservation. And only when it is time for the next sales or re-election, does this person suddenly return to the vote sale routine.

And what really pisses me off, just like  car sales, the most outgoing, friendly, quick talking, verbal fluff generators, continue to convince people that the Lemon Clunking Junk they are selling is a REALLY GOOD DEAL

I have not followed the debates closely. I usually don’t watch them. There is more time spent in the debates, which shouldn’t even be called debates, where each person, not stating what their ideals are, what the plans are, what they can do for our country, how they can lead, how they can influence congress, etc. but instead the so-called debates are nothing more than them telling the country what the person next to them can’t do.

These debates and present and upcoming campaign commercials you see on Television are nothing more than trying to get votes by doing one thing … trying to convince the voters that their opponents are nothing but low life crooks.  And the voters, at election time end up voting for the candidate that looks better because he/she did the best job of making the other candidates look worse than them.

Do we the American people want to elect a President based on his/her’s ability to be the best at making themselves look good by having the talent to make others look worse than them. If so, I suggest Don Rickles run for president, as he is a very experienced person who can run a campaign that would be the most successful in the present ideology of the better you can insult someone and get someone to buy it the more likely you will win. And his campaign manager should be Professor Irwin Corey who is an expert of using many words, in many ways, and  say absolutely nothing.

At least, a team of Rickles and Corey would be equivalent of what going on now …. But it would be a hell of a lot more fun. And with the economy today medicine and psychology has  said that laughter is the best medicine. At what is presently going on is just as funny. But many people think of this absurd political crap going on now as serious. And it is. And it is a serious problem because it is funny where there should not be funny. Where problems need to be addressed the only problems being addressed are the faults of their opponents.

I will not vote for the person with the least faults, or the person who is the best at putting down other people. I will vote for some one who can “RISE  ABOVE” the competition of  “SELF EGO BOOSTING” and tell me what they are going to do, vice what their opponent can’t.

So I close with this ………….. The best Republican candidate for President of the US in the 2012 election hasn’t shown up yet.

I’m Steve Worden and approve this message.