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Hunting in a Doc Blind

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If it walks like a Doc and Talks Like a Doc doesn’t necessarily mean its a Doc!
The Medical Services industry, an industry in which we blindly trust those who we believe are there to help us in times of physical distress.
Food for thought – If you were on your way to 7/11 for a Slurpee and a person dressed poorly, unshaven, reeked of body odor had a knife in his hand and approached you and said to you – “I believe you have a tumor and I can operate and take of that for you!”  What would you do. Run? Call the Police? Or if you were strong enough, would you subdue this person?
Well, we tend to do the opposite with someone who has MD after their name on an office door. The person in this case wears, perhaps, a white coat. Dressed nicely, and has a large staff and a waiting room filled with magazines that are at least 6 months old.
You pay this person to diagnose your ailment. And this person tells you that you have an aliment that needs to be removed via what is know as invasive Surgery. It will require you to report to a hospital and have this procedure done.
Without question, you are admitted the the hospital for the procedure. Without question you allow  unknown people do the procedure. One Doc, using drugs, puts you to sleep for the procedure. The person is in charge of shutting down your brain, via drugs. And this person is in charge of making sure that your brain is sleeping to a point that boarders death, and keeping it there so you don’t wake up during surgery and you don’t die during surgery.
Then the surgeon takes a sharp knife and cuts open your body and does his job of taking care of your ailment, surrounded by Nurses, assistants, Aids, or whatever.
Then upon completion someone sews you up. And in the recovery room people monitor your recovery until you are well enough to go home.
PROBLEM – You fearfully take action against the guy at the 7/11 .. But you do not question the Doctors who recommended the surgery, the Doctor that  performs the surgery, you do not question the person that is in charge of putting you to sleep, you do not question the people who take care of you afterwords, nor do you check out all the people who are involved in the whole process.
Fact – The person at 7/11 who approached you is Human. The People involved in your medical procedure are humans.  Yet, one you fear and the other you blindly trust.  Both of these situations are humans offering to cut you open for an ailment they, however they did it, diagnosed the ailment.
“The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) produced an article highlighting these medical malpractice lawsuit statistics, with regard to patient deaths:

106,000 patients die each year from the negative effects of medication
80,000 patients die each year due to complications from infections incurred in hospitals
20,000 deaths per year occur from other hospital errors
12,000 people die every year as a result of unnecessary surgery
7,000 medical malpractice deaths per year are attributed to medication errors in hospitals

This totals up to 225,000 deaths each year, due to medical negligence of some nature.  And that number is ever growing.”
What is it that prompted to write this?
Tuesday, Feb 21, 2011 I fired my doctor after a series of  incidents with her.
I have had some good doctors and some I should have questioned. Tuesday I decided I wasn’t putting up with this type of activity.
The incident I am about it explain mimics incidents  I have had with other doctors and their offices.
1. Appointment Time: If you have a job and must take off (sick leave, vacation time, or leave without pay) to see a Doctor for an appointment at, 3 p.m. you expect to been seen at 3 p.m. (I understand and it has happened, that things like heart attacks of other patients in the office may delay you being seen).
What happens too often in some offices is overlooking (for lack of a better word). Showing up for my appointment 10 minutes early (2:50 pm) and not seeing the Doctor until 4:15 pm is unacceptable. And in my case I made the appointment because of Blood Test Results that the Doctors office repeatedly called me to come in because the results were, and I quote “BAD”.
a. I pay a large insurance premium due to age
b. I pay a copay
c. And if I were not retired and working I pay  via lose of sick leave, vaction time, or loss of wages if I am off work without pay.
It is my feeling that when one has an appointment a 3 p.m. and isnot seen at 3 p.m. that the doctor should pay me for my lost time. And I have every intent to bill this doctor for my lost time.
2. Office environment: Staff behind the glass singing songs to what’s on the radio. A sneezing wheezing guy walking around and was presented with a box of fruit and vegetables from the staff while in the open door exam room. Left the room and took the present of goodies to his car and came back to the exam room. All the while sneezing and wheezing thru the waiting room, staff area, etc.
3. Office acoustics: Everyone in the office area. Includes waiting room and open exam rooms could hear the diagnosis of every patient and their treatment regime and calls to pharmacies for prescriptions. (Patient / Doctor Confidentiality Violation). Mr Sneezy Weezy was diagnosed with a contagious virus.
4. physician knowledge of Presenting Conditions: I originally made an appointment with this doctor in November because I had been stung, while fishing, by a sting ray. She was said to be a wound specialist. (not documented in my research of the Florida Medical Board).  I was Stung in the had and had a open puss oozing sore and a blister next to it. My right hand.  When I made the appointment I gave them the facts of this.
Upon seeing the doctor she held out her hand and shook my wounded hand and asked me why I was there?
After inspection .. the WOUND SPECIALIST had to look up what a Sting Ray was and the type of toxin it may have injected in my hand, which she had just shaken with her hand.
5. Exam continues: Then she went into my medical history. I told here that I had just moved to Florida from Virgina and could arrange for my 26 years of medical records to be sent to her. She said that it was not necessary.
I am one who believes that the more pieces of puzzle you have the clearer the picture becomes. It’s like buying a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle missing 750 pieces and trying to figure out what the total picture is. But NO .. she didn’t need that.
Then she asked about my alcohol intake. I admit I consume scotch more than I should. But she became fixated on that. My hand was no longer a problem, and without any further physical examination other than one look at my wound I began to get a lecture.
She ignored my previously diagnosed arthritis, my potential of having diabetes due to numb toes and a family history of it, my back pain due to bone spurs, and told me that all these symptoms were due to over use of Johnny Walker.

However had she had the pieces of the puzzle (my medical records) she would see that these things I described from my medical history started long before Johnny showed up. But she refused to listen.
Meanwhile the office staff where all loudly singing christmas carols.
6. Exam Results:  As stated before … they were annoounced loudly enough so that all the people in the whole office, waiting room heard that I was diagnosed to be an alcoholic. And she prescribed Librium to help me stop drinking.
Also she stated I had HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. Put me on Blood Pressure Meds. What she didn’t hear and if she had my records she would see that every first blood pressure test I have had upon a Doctors visit is high. 10 minutes later it returned to normal. I requested that she take it again. She said okay. Never happened.
Also due to the hand thing she said I should get a Tetnas shot. I said okay. Never happened. Got a call at home a few hours later saying to come back in because they forgot to give me the shot.
She also gave me a script for blood test at a lab.
7. Tuesday: After being called twice requesting that it was urgent that I come in because of the blood test results, I showed up for my 3 p.m. Appointment.  75 minutes later she came into the exam room. (By this time I was fuming)
My wife was in the room, as I had given permission for her to know everything.
She looked at my wife and said how are we doing. (My wife was not the patient). Then she looked at me and asked me, “And how about you?”
Did not work well.  I told her that I was irritated because of a 75 minute wait.
That’s when she made the major mistake of making a statement that I had received from some other doctors in my lifetime (story at a later date on past doctors). She said “Well I had other patients that I had to see, and I haven’t even had time to have lunch. If you needed to see me on an urgent or emergency matter you should have said something.”
(Note: The result of the blood test was in the exam room before she came in. I read it and it was pretty close to what it always has been and she would have figured that out if she had my previous record.)
I walked out. She finished the appointment with my wife.
a. She said my being anemia was due to bone morrow problem due to drinking (NOTE: I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ANEMIC)
b. She wrote a letter stating she refuses to see me again because I walked out. (Was explained to my wife it was for her liability protection.)
Moral of the story – Perhaps there are some people that know more about things than you realize yet look and act different, and  maybe there are professionals out there that know less that what we blindly trust.  So be sure the next time if it looks like a doc and walks like a doc …. Listen to see if it quacks!

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I Got a Ticket

Well it’s time for another rambling on Stuff. I once called these things …. Sermon from the Couch. Today it’s Ramblings from the Lanai.

Subject : To Be Determined after I get done.

So what’s bothering me you ask? Or if you didn’t ask your going to hear about it anyway. Just paid $25 to update my blog Domain Name for another year so I get to rant, rave, complain, complement, criticize, put down, build up, and just generally blow steam now for another whole year.

Where we live now, Ayrshire Circle in Port Charlotte, FL. is having a yard/garage sale today and tomorrow. Bonnie said she had to be up by 6 a.m. to put things out by 7 a.m. for this event. I said nobody comes to these things that early. And that’s where I erred.

Since Bonnie, being a retired language arts teacher, has more books in boxes in the garage than library of congress, many of the items we put out on the driveway for the sale were books. And some other items.

We’ll I was blown away by  the number of people who stopped by between 7 a.m. and 12:55 pm. And not only was it the number people …it was the  people.

I have never ever in my life met people who were so warm and friendly.

I am not Mr Verbal Conversation .. but I did not meet one person that I could not carry on a conversation. People who could share stories  with me and I with them.

Southwestern Florida is a considered retirement area, a Snowbird Area, and certain portions, a tourist area.

After Bonnie’s and my careers ended we moved here for reasons that I have written about before and will not go into now. The stress level here, compared to where we have lived and what we have experienced in our lives, well on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being highest stress, is -1!


There is this BOOK that talks about love. One of the translation of a statement on the four types of Love one is called AGAPE. Agape is considered unconditional love. It is a form of love that I, regardless of what I just said, that humans are not totally capable of. But, if we were, the people I met today and have met since moving here, it is close. Really close.

Just the fact that anyone will accept you for who you are, who you where, will share stories without prejudice, will say a kind word, laugh, smile, wave, and not mention what you need to do to be something different is not only foreign to me but so unexpected and such a bizarrely pleasant experience.

We sold some stuff. Made about $80, but more importantly made some new friends. In fact we actually gave away some things for free.

So what’s the morale of this story? Forrest Gump said the famous line of “Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know what your gonna get”

My Life?

I think that statement holds a bit of truth, but I’ll change it based on my life .. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never get what you expect!”

And now, at retirement age, the golden years they call them, this baby boomer, presently, not only has a great box of chocolates, this baby boomer got the GOLDEN TICKET!