It’s been a long long time since I have added anything to this blog. A lot has happened and I have  a lot of new things going and a lot of old things that no longer are part of my life..except in memory.

But what has not changed is my continous rambling thoughts about Stuff. Simple Stuff  in the world, More Stuff that happens in the world, Stuff that I could change for the better, Stuff that I have changed for the better, Stuff that I have done wrong and consquently became educated by these errors. I have learned new Stuff, which tends to result in my wanting to know more, which results in learning more, which results in wanting to know more which the end result at this is that I have more questions about Stuff than I have ever had during any other peirod in my life.

The quest for more information about Stuff has had good results. And those that  resulted as Bad Stuff, that russled my feathers, caused confusiong, forced me to make decisions that  I never ever imagined I would have ever have to make,  which in turn forced me  to find a solution to corect the errors of my way.

But as I look back on the entire quantative and qualtative results of this persuit I can only come up with one word for the end result …and that word is “WOW!”

And that “WOW” causes me to reflect and wonder, “What if I had done nothing, persued notihing, asked no questions, never tried new things, never succeeded in anything, and never failed in anything because I pesued nothing. Who would I have become? What would I have accomplished? What would my life be like if I only knew now what I knew when I knew nothing!

Would I have survived? Would I even be alive today?

I have no answer for those questions, because life as I know it today does not allow us to rewind and do it different. Yes, we may learn that we could have done things differently and choose to or choose  not to change ways by doing or not doing what we once did.

Regardless of our choice of what stuff we choose to learn about, explore, persue and do, we come to a point as we grow older. That point is … Now that I have all this knowledge and experiecne in the area of STUFFOLOGY, just what the hell do I do with it?

How do I tell others what I know? How do I express to those who are also in thier own persuit of stuff that they should or should not do this or that because it will end in success or perhaps disaster!  That their entire existance could suddenly cease to be, if they continue as they are.

My answer is … I can’t! Beacuse it is their persuit. It is thier life. It is their quest to gather thier own experiences and knowldge in the field of their Personal Suffologiccal Journey!

Some things I think, do , or say may aid them in thier quest. Some of it may hinder them. Some of it may bring theme great joy or great sadness.  This is because there stuff is not my Stuff and my Stuff is not thier Stuff.

We are all indiviauls. Each to our own selves. Each with God given freedom via free will, the ablity to do or not to do. To agree or not to agree.  The freedom to Choose!

This is an awesome concept. I can do whatever I dam well please. And regardless of the outcome, always knowing that whatever I choose to do with the Stuff I have learned or expereinced I am totally responsible for whatever outcome may result.  And the mixture of emotions that come with this responsibility range from euphoic to pure terror.

As for now, I am at a point in life where I am beging to ask myself “Self you Stuffed enough Stuffological Stuff in your life  and still have ample room for more, just what are you going to do with all this and future accumulated Stuff ?”

What is it’s purpose?

The Answer?  Well I guess the Answer is going to be in the form of  some more Stuff that will cause me to want to ask more questions which will result in more aquired stuff .

Then one day, life as I know it now will end.  And someone will take my stuffed remains and stuff them in a stuffy box and bury them in the ground.

And, perhaps. a marble headstone will be placed above ground with an engraving on it that states;

“Here Lies One Man Who’s Life Journey Was to  Persue Stuff

One Who  Gained Great Knowledge

Had Great Experiences.

Because of this Mighty Persuit

Here Lies A Man That We Can Say  Fulfilled His Quest.

Who Filled his entire being with all kinds of Stuff

We Give to you O’ LORD

The Soul  a Great Man

Who Is and was Truly and Totally Full of It!”

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